Singular Focus

  • Orphan and ultra-orphan diseases with limited therapeutic options
  • Medicines with high therapeutic value
  • Emphasis on extremely small patient populations and pediatric indications

Commercial & Mid-to-Late Stage Development

  • Orphan medicine product repositioning – Leverage underutilized medicines
  • Fund only development projects with established proof of concept, no basic research or “discovery”
  • Strong partnerships with academic researchers, government agencies (NIH) and early phase development companies

Business Model Based on Enabling Others

  • Unique business model pairs a core management team of orphan disease experts with an extensive network of academic researchers, specialized consultants, 3rd party service providers and contractors
  • We enable the development of new medicines using a non-conventional infrastructure

Patient Focus

  • “Patient First – Profit First” paradigm
  • Strong patient assistance – No patient goes without our medicines
  • Global Scope, Global Commercialization – in all countries with Orphan Legislation and “named patient” access programs